(2016 NCEM's Best R&B/Funk Band &  2017 BMA's Best R & B Band)

Northern CA Funk Band of the Year 2016/2017

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"This award winning band (NEXT PHASE") is comprised of the best musicians and performers

specializing in a complete ISLEY BROTHERS concert production. These musicians love what they do and work

hard at being the very best at it. "NEXT PHASE" can perform the full range of THE ISLEY BROTHERS

 onstage, including the most complex and challenging songs that the ISLEY's themselves

recorded in the studios and performed for live audiences. No other rendition of the ISLEY

BROTHERS music comes close to this level of performance, which has taken years of mastery and

unmatched attention to detail. NEXT PHASE production captures it all flawlessly.

Through "NEXT PHASE", we invite you to experience the group and music that defined and influenced 

generations musical cultures with their multitude of soul, r & b, Funk, hip hop and and rock(ish) super hits.

If you are looking for entertainment that is totally fresh, unique, and full of

energy for your next special event, accept no substitutes:

Introducing "NEXT PHASE" - the most authentic rendition of THE ISLEY BROTHERS on the Planet!

NEXT PHASE also covers many other artists songs, including popular Rock, Pop, R & B and Party Anthems.  

This unique band does it all. An Isley Brothers Tribute Show. A Party Cover Band Show or a Combination of them both.